My organic Portrait Philosophy

A SIMPLE, Stunning Setting that encourages connection and emotional essence that become the highlight of each beloved photograph

I know how important it is for you to be in the photos that celebrate the most meaningful milestones in this season of life. Because these are momentous occasions you want to feel as good in your photographs as you do about sharing them with friends, framing them for the office, and displaying them on the walls of your home.
There is something exceptionally beautiful about capturing your family, as you are, in your own natural and unique element. 

I provide creatively guided photography sessions so you can relax and trust my ability to deliver eloquent photos that everyone is sure to love. Whether you're outside in the evening glow or snuggled up at home it will be a comforting experience crafted to bring the best of each personality to life through the camera lens. 


Photo by Leah Barry Photography

1. I'll get to know you and your family during our vision call. Our conversation will cover must-have photos, kiddo personalities, and best wardrobe choices

2. Photo day is where I get to work and your family does what it knows best in enjoying each other throughout your light hearted, and naturally paced session. 

3. Receiving your photos is easy. Open your digital album, choose your favorites and process a print order directly. Consider your gallery wall dream complete.* 

4. It's a special honor to play a part in your family story. Many clients decide to reserve a Bundle Service, join my mini-sessions, and book as their family grows.

*While direct print ordering is convenient for many, you will receive print rights to your images and may print using any service that is convenient for you.

Optional COMPLIMENTARY WARDROBE STYLING is included for all full photo sessions.

We begin with mom selecting her favorite boutique dress from my wardrobe offerings or I can assist as you narrow down your online options.

Then we coordinate the other members using my in-house garment collection or by planning the best paired tones you can prepare on your own.

In the end, your images will be truly exceptional heirlooms that serve to accentuate the very home you so love living your life in

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Our time together: YOUR

Photography by Ashley Conrad