The Burnett Family

I tend to think of motherhood as the opposite of adventure. Before children, I spent weekends climbing mountains, descending the Grand Canyon, “urban hiking” (as we lovingly called walking) and exploring my city. These days I spend weekends recovering from the hustle and bustle of the week and choosing outlets like television or ordering pizza as ways to relieve stress. And I will admit, as much as I miss the exploring, parenting is an adventure of its own and can be just as thrilling!

The Burnetts are one of those families that embrace adventure. They have modeled for us that life is not about things, but about experiences, about love, and about generosity. They are wise stewards of the gifts God has given them and challenge me daily to think about living my life to its fullest.

And now, they are welcoming their newest little explorer into the world. Introducing Miss Elaina “Ellie” Burnett. One thing I know, her parents will raise her to look at the world with eyes wide open, just as they have with their oldest daughter, just as they have done with me!

Congratulations, Chad and Shannon!


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Photography by Ashley Conrad