The Brueckner’s Roebling Maternity Session

I met Kourtney & Scott at a wedding in the mountains of Montana last fall. So, when they asked me if I would take their maternity and newborn portraits, I knew it would be a fun experience. What I wasn’t prepared for was how Kourtney’s smile and glow would take an overcast, dreary morning and turn it into a dreamy, glowy portrait session.

When they say a mother glows in pregnancy, I now have photo proof. Not only is she stunning, but Kourtney is going to make a great mother, especially with an attentive, patient husband like Scott by her side. Kourtney is a fierce lawyer, an advocate and a dog-lover. Scott is steady and fun. His dad jokes are some of the best I’ve ever heard.

During our session we talked about motherhood, parenthood, its excitement and its tolls. Kourtney and I talked about how we both miss being active, but that pregnancy makes it challenging to pursue the same athletic goals we once loved. But the one thing that stuck out, and I believe Kourtney embodies, is that comparison is the thief of joy.

It can be so easy to look at the moms who run marathons while pregnant and think, ‘why can’t I keep running?’, but that type of thinking takes away from the joy in front of us. So today, as I remember our dreamy session, I choose joy and gratitude.


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Photography by Ashley Conrad