Ellis Olivia

She turns three in a little over a week. I remember the day she was born, the day I held my very first niece in my arms, and thought to myself, ‘who will you grow up to be?’. It really is a privilege to watch her grow into a girl, from learning to walk to giving her opinion on everything (I mean everything).

Have you ever met a little girl and known she was going to be something special? That’s Elle. She has this energetic spirit about her that exudes joy. She is whimsical in the very best way-they way that you hope she never loses that spark.

Elle reminds me to be wild and free, to let go of inhibitions, to embrace pink and flowers and all things girly. I couldn’t think of a better companion to grow up alongside my own daughter.

What’s even more fun, is getting to parent alongside my husband’s sister. Being the oldest of four children, I always wanted a big sister of my own, and I’m so glad I gained one by marriage. And I got a got a good one, too–she gives me the best recommendations for kid clothes (and the best hand-me-downs), she gives me permission to be myself, she laughs with me at the various blunders we and our family find ourselves in, and she is an effortless mother.

Stay whimsical, Elle!


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Photography by Ashley Conrad