Spring is here!

It happened so quickly, without fanfare. The blooms awoke from the groggy slumber, and along with it, my soul. There really is something magical about the way spring arrives. Snow begets green grass, buds turn to blossoms that bear flowers and fruit. It gives me hope that each mundane moment is giving birth to a joyful memory.

But it reminds me, too, that life can be lived in the waiting. Often I wait until the conditions are perfect to make memories. Yet my fondest memories with my family are usually the least impressive. Walks to a local eatery, dance parties in our living room, eating burgers in our backyard and playing a board game.

Like a garden, our relationships need to be tended and nurtured. It is easy for me to go about the day without thinking about how I’ve nurtured the relationships closest to me. And one of the best ways I can do that is to put down my phone, get outside, and capture some memories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some glimpses at these spring mini sessions! Let me know if you’d like to meet me outside and capture some sweet memories of your family!


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Photography by Ashley Conrad