Rosalyn Mae

Jess is a natural mother. She has been nurturing, caring for and encouraging people since before we met and now she’s welcomed her own sweet daughter into the world.

I had the privilege of meeting Rosalyn at the hospital just 48 hours after she was born and the first thing that struck me was Jess’ natural ability to calm her baby like nobody else could. I like to think I’m a pretty good swaddler, but sometimes babies just don’t want to conform (I think Rosalyn’s going to be a strong little lady someday). The thing about swaddles is, you don’t know if it’s worked until it’s fully wrapped. And our first attempt at swaddling Miss Rosie did not go as planned. Kindly, Jess asked for baby Rosie back, picked her up, and immediately the baby relaxed and stopped crying. It was a simply magical, sweet moment of realizing that Rosalyn knows her mama. And her mama knows what she needs.

Of course this isn’t how most attempts at comforting babies go, so please don’t believe for one minute that your worth as a mother is in your ability to calm your baby. But I couldn’t help but mark this sweet little moment in my memory.

A week later when I arrived to do some in-home portraits, Jess was gushing over her precious baby. Despite the anxieties, complications and sleep deprivation newborns bring into our homes, she was just elated at the sight of that baby girl. And how can you not be with such a sweet demeanor and beautiful squishy face?

Congratulations, Jess & Franklin!


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Photography by Ashley Conrad